Stay organized


Each songbook comes with more than 250 songs ready for you to use.

Add your own songs by importing your existing chord charts, or enter new songs directly.

Attach files to songs, or add audio clips from AmazonMP3.

Combine songs into set lists, and the songbook tracks song usage for you.

Each songbook comes with 75 public domain songs already entered, and more available to import Different imports help you add songs to your worship song database You can use the built-in chord chart editor to add songs to your songbook Document attachments can be downloaded. Audio MP3 attachments can be streamed. Each song can have multiple arrangements You can customize the key and arrangement of each song in a set list  

I have not seen another tool for chord charts that is as intuitive as this one.”
— Ken Boer, music director

Our worship leaders love the songbook! Preparing a worship set with it is a snap. I take for granted the huge amounts of time this resource saves me each time I prepare for Sunday morning.”
— Ben Rauscher, worship leader

The songbook is the best that I have seen out there, bar none. I used to sit there and change each key by hand. Now, no more.”
— Sam Shin, pastor

We have used the songbook for years and love the ease with which you can edit songs, transpose keys, create lyric sheets for small groups, and email songlists to musicians.”
— Daniel Baker, pastor and worship leader

This online songbook has revolutionized the way I prepare for worship times”
— John Chung, worship leader

It’s the most useful tool that I have found and allows everyone in the worship bands to be involved.”
— Luke Wilson, worship leader

We used to have trouble keeping songbooks up to date for small groups. Now everyone has access to songs as soon as they are put in the system.
— Joseph Stigora, worship leader

Save time

Transpose songs instantly. Use the capo feature to pick the best key for you (or your guitarist) to play.

Create songsheets for your vocalists or small group in seconds.

Search your entire songbook in seconds. Find songs by title, text, keyword, tempo, key, and more.

Use stars to quickly mark songs you want to look at later.

Transpose any song instantly The capo feature lets you pick the key you want to play in Create and print songsheets in seconds Easily search songs from any page of the site Search by title, text, keyword, tempo, key, and more Stars let you quickly mark songs you want to look at later

Print, email and export

Print chord charts, lyric sheets and songsheets from your browser.

Email set lists to your team, with the chord charts conveniently attached.

Export and download chord charts and set lists for offline access.

Generate PowerPoint presentations to project overhead lyrics.

Print full or partial chord charts for musicians Print large lyric sheets for vocalists Print songsheets with two or three songs per page Email set lists to your team, with the chord charts conveniently attached Print set lists with notes, date, theme, leader, and more Generate full-screen overhead presentations

Give access to your team

Create user accounts for your team members and church staff.

Let users add songs, create set lists, or even administrate your songbook.

Staff can view upcoming services. Your team has access to songs as soon as you add them.

A secure login and multiple backup systems ensure your songbook is private and your data is safe.

Create user accounts for your team members, worship leaders, and church staff Give each of your users specific permissions within your songbook Assign users as worship leaders for your various services and locations View set lists filtered by location or worship leader A secure login limits access to your songbook to your users Users can recover their own passwords, reducing administrative overhead
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